Love, tradition & talent in each of your jackets

Production Process

Natural Colours

All textiles are died in natural dye to create fabulous colours with minimal impact on the natural environment. Therefore these textiles not only carry eco-friendly properties but also have special tones and effects as well as the rich craft heritage they carry along. These techniques for dyeing with plants, minerals and insects have long been perfected by our ancestors.


Each Souk store has their own tailors. Most products from moroccan crafts are handmade items, which often use traditional tools that add authenticity and uniqueness to the creations. These are skills that are transferred from one generation to another, from master artisan to budding apprentice. They also involve an obsessively detailed and time-intensive process, as only traditional tools and methods are used in the creation of authentic handcrafted goods.


The tailors of Lalam work with plait stich with details in back, cross and running stitch. Some stiches use more than one, usually dark, color like black, dark blue or deep red. Designs include geometric friezes, bands of figures, and geometric shapes like diamonds, hexagons, squares and stars.