Traveling has always been one of the greatest ways to enrich oneself with both cultural knowledge and precious memories.

By unleashing complex emotions, it holds the power to make us fall in love with the culture of a country different from our own. The travel experience extends to the connection with the history and heritage of a new place directly through its craftsmanship and this is precisely what Lalam enables.

The incredibly rich Moroccan culture is rightfully represented through its unique textile know-how. Lalam allows you to taste Moroccan creative craftsmanship embodied in its unique clothing design.


One cannot have the ambition of exploring cultures and offering “cultural visibility” without acknowledging the intrinsic power dynamics. It is through this central idea that I fully recognise my privilege as a white woman introducing a non- white culture to a market of fellow privileged people. Instead of letting this very privilege hold me back from conveying a message of love and admiration to the Moroccan culture (by fear of being lectured for it, for instance), I have chosen to use it in a way that benefits the souk store owners with whom I am building close, equivocal relationships.

A privilege can be shared and distributed - it should not shield us from each other.

To simply describe the atmosphere of the souk is reductive to its undeniable magic, and I therefore chose to communicate the rich history upon which these jackets and bags have been imagined and produced. A mere description is not enough; I want my audience to remotely experience the exceptional taste and handcraft of the souk. As I do so, I remain dedicated to learning from these exchanges, so Lalam can be a bridge not only between cultures - but also between mentalities.


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